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It’s been said that music is the language of the soul, a concept Wolk Recording Studios has taken to heart in their pursuit of a career as a professional in the music industry. Explore their portfolio to see the work that showcases all the highlights of their formal musical education, new tech knowledge, and skills development.


We offer our clients HI-END quality recordings for a reasonable and competitive price. One thing
that we know is that these recordings sound alive even when you are listening on any stereo you get a
the feeling of three dimensions.

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Wolk Recording Studios?

Unique devices are created on the basis of the experience of our Sound Engineers, and many years of experience in Studio and Concert work.

Full cycle of technology recording – mixing – mastering, based on our handcrafted custom gear.

We know what, why and how.

*Not only do we offer regular studio services such as recording, mixing and mastering but we also craft our own equipment ranging from microphones and preamplifiers to world clocks and summing busses as well as customize the stuff that we use.

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all audio here is 128kbit (LoFi)

in All tracks Music/Production made by Aleksandr Volk

all audio here is 128kbit (LoFi)

in All tracks Music/Production made by Aleksandr Volk


Wolk Recording

Our Exclusive High-Precision Audio Equipment Development ”WolkRecordingStudios” can help any Artist to realize his ideas.

Which means…

“WolkRecordingStudios” Technologies (WRT) can guide You to be Yourself!


New times
New technologies
Maximum Emotions
The Sound you want to hear over and over again
Living Mainstream
Holographic perception of Sound
Lack of limitation of Sound recognition
Electromagnetic Recording of the Musician
There are no Analogues in the World

We Are Better

We Are Bigger

We Are Louder

We are a Dynasty of Sound Engineers. The experience of older generations is mixed with a modern look and new technologies of the current generation. The result is a blend of an emotion so complete and full that the output feels as if it was real.

Aleksandr Volk

Senior  Engineer/Producer

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Sound Wizard

21 years at Wolk Recording Studios

Sound Engineer, Producer, Songwriter,

Artist and Musician Vocalist in several of his projects, in one of them he plays all the instruments!

Makes arrangements of all styles

Always finds solutions

Devotee of Development

Feels and sees sound

The only producer in Latvia who is invited abroad.


 One of the latest events is a master class of producing and sound engineering "Fundamentals of Sound Recording.

|Theory and Practice"

by Ivan Dorn in his House of Culture


Won a tender for the construction and technical equipment of the studio

with the developments of

“Wolk Recording TechKnowledge” near

New York USA. Works on exclusive equipment, which has no analogs in the world.


Produces its own boutique microphones and other high-fidelity musical equipment for recording "Wolk Recording TechKnowledge".


He won the Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia

in 2019 as a producer and sound engineer.

(First and Second Place)

Five-time tender winner against

Abbey Road (UK) and

Sterling Sound (USA) (Ted Jenson).


Scientists and researchers of the reactions of the human brain to various sound formations.


"Doctor Volk" People say that this man is

like a doctor of the soul and an

incredible healer of life. At the moment when everyone pulls the blanket over themselves, he knits with hard work a warm scarf of hope and confidence for everyone who turns to him.

Often after the audience at

"Wolk Recording Studios" people say:

"This is incredible!" They say about Alexander: “A lot, he knows how to play, sing, write, compose.”


He contributes to projects on such a scale that major labels notice him, such as Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, and others...

Already in 2008, with his help and the help of his team, one of the Smashed Nail Sister (EE) groups managed to sign a contract with Universal Music Group.


After recording "That Night" at Wolk Recording Studios, Carousel (LV) won the EuroVision 2019 qualifying round and signed with Universal Music Group.


He is the creator of music for the only Japanese in the world, Kazuo Kiuchi, working in the K2 super-resolution format (super quality): the only one in the world in this format.


Being twenty years old, he also taught his technology of manipulating sound and musical material to the staff in the recording studio of the daughter of the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev (studio of Aliya Nursultanovna Nazarbayeva).

There is no doubt that he is one of the best

of his kind in this century.

Always finds solutions

to any problem. There is nothing impossible for him. A brilliant multi-instrumentalist who really feels and doesn't talk much).

He easily copes with arrangements for a symphony orchestra, as well as his works win premium places in various music competitions. This is a dark horse in the whole country. Unique and insanely talented, it is even difficult to compare him with anyone.

Alexander Volk helps the country and his city

to be interesting in the musical fields with which he is associated.

A.V.: "I'm interested in creating, rather than waiting for a prize for some small crumbs for humanity."

Loving sound and always going towards MUSIC. He is the sound.

Very responsive, kind, insightful,

deciphering and understanding, enticing with sound and music and ideas of various artists and projects.

Over 5 Albums of the Year in Latvia/Europe Album of the Year in Russia Best Selling Album of the Year in Russia and other... Worked on over 379 projects, including (Reduced List)



 Jennifer Hudson

 Bang la decks


 Galaxy Bosons (HighDefinition Music)

 Kasta (4 Albums)

 Assai (4 Albums)(Album of the Year)

 Agatha christie

 Black star


 "Harley Davidson" (Recording Sound of the Cycles with Our Exclusive Techknowledge)

 The Orange Apples (Symphonic Orchestra Arrangement by A.Volk)


 Leonid Rudenko

 Justs (Eurovision) LV

 Aminata (Eurovision) LV

Carousel (Eurovision) LV (Universal) 

 "Burning Man" (Making Special Music for the BurningManShow)

 NBA (Theme Song)



 Tantsy Minus

 Laime Pilniga (Best Rock band and Album)

 Triana Park (Eurovision) LV


 Smashed Nail Sister (Universal)




 Moral Code X

 Andrey Kotov (Original Drumer @ Agatha Christie)


 The Church Before the Seat of Christ (NY)


And others…


Bruņinieku iela 29/31, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1001, Latvia

+37123 477 360

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a more extended list of collaborations

Агата Кристи / Agatha Christie


Дельфин / Dolphin

Black Star

Каста / Kasta

Жуки / Zhuki

Антон Горбунов / Anton Gorbunov

Егор Крид / Egor Kreed

Моральный Кодекс / Moral Codex

Тим Иванов / Tim Ivanov

Андрей Котов / Andrey Kotov (Original Drummer @ Agatha Christie)

Ассаи / Assai

Сухие / Suhie

Влади / Vlady (Kasta)


"Harley-Davidson" (Recording Sound of the Motorcycles with Our Exclusive Techknowledge)



Батырхан Шукенов / Batyrkhan Shukenov

Alisher Sherali (Burning Man DJ)

Bang La Decks

Slim (CENTR)

The Orange Apples

Батишта / Batishta